Digital Wax Up

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t Care we have developed an alternative to the regular diagnostic wax up that we call a Digital wax up. The Digital wax up is a method to present the patient with a natural-looking photo of what you would like to do or what can be done to their smile. It illustrates their current situation and how a more aesthetic smile can be achieved. The shape and color of the teeth are easily discussed with the patient and can be visualized in the before and after photos we send to you. With a digital photo of the patient’s current smile we can transform their aesthetics and shade of the smile. At Care we feel the digital wax is a powerful patient communication
tool. You need only email us a picture of the patient along with some idea of what you would like, or we can offer our advice and will provide you with before and after photos. Show your patients what cosmetic dentistry can achieve.